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Android mobile terminal

Android mobile terminal

  • Making friends in Qianxun
  • Watch the live broadcast of Chihiro
  • Become the anchor, live online, only friends can be set to watch or customize viewers
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PC live broadcasting tool

PC live broadcasting tool

  • Support live broadcast of your PC desktop
  • Support live camera
  • Support live broadcast of some applications
  • Support for other graphics devices
  • Download now  X86
Download now  X64

Live broadcast on mobile phone

  • Mobile browser can download and install app by scanning the above QR code
  • Registration and login account, member center live broadcast settings (optional)
  • Open the application and click the icon as shown

PC live broadcast

  • Your streaming server address:login visible
    Stream key:login visible
  • The video textbooks for OBS studio live broadcast software are as follows:

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